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Dear friends, let us introduce you a little bit.

  STILCAR is a company that has been engaged in sales and servicing of SUBARU vehicles since 2001. In 2012 we were transformed into STILCAR Košice s.r.o. and in 2017 we opened a branch in Prešov as STILCAR Prešov s.r.o. .

stilcar košice

The foundation of our company dates back to 1998. At that time, a bunch of good friends met together and worked at the Rally Team. There was a glimpse of Subaru Impreza and her racing qualities. Their work and efforts culminated in the founding of the company s.r.o., whose name is directly back from the SUBARU 

STi - SUBARU Technica internacional,  L-Last - , Car    -   STILCAR

We started with zero funds, but with a greater taste, fancy and love for these cars. This effort and step-by-step delivery brought their fruits, and today we can say that Subaru will not surprise us or jump. We have well-sold vehicle sales and service that can repair every vehicle and remove any problem that concerns your car. Quality, seriousness, professionalism are not just empty words, as evidenced by the numbers:


Number of service repairs:

graf zákazok


Considering that SUBARU vehicles do not count much on our roads, we find it a success.


srdce subaru


We are and will be a team of people who have the SUBARU brand deep in the heart.

For your SUBARU team STILCAR Košice and Prešov

Jiří Iman ml.




  Top servis Subaru  Top servis Subaru  Top servis Subaru  Top servis Subaru

  • TOP SUBARU partner 2011
  • TOP SUBARU service 2012
  • TOP SUBARU 2014 service
  • TOP SUBARU 2015 service
  • SUBARU dealer AWARD sales and service of Subaru 2016
  • TOP sale ISUZU 2016
  • Thanks for years of cooperation Autoklub Rallye Košice 2017

We thank all our clients, supporters, friends, families for support, cooperation and trust.


Quick contact:

STILCAR Košice  s.r.o.   Sale:  +421 905 961 284   Service: +421 903 611 369

STILCAR Prešov s.r.o.   Sale: +421 915 429 237   Service: +421 904 466 336





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