The SUBARU standard warranty applies to your SUBARU vehicle in accordance with the terms of the warranty and service booklet.

As a SUBARU vehicle owner, you can expect a high standard of service in each authorized service. The SUBARU warranty and service book is an important document for you to find in the "List of Dealers and Distributors in Europe." Your SUBARU new SUBARU vehicle has been built to the highest standards and has been thoroughly inspected before leaving the production hall to provide you with miles of trouble- Please note carefully and comply with these guidelines and you will be able to enjoy the professional and reliable service of the SUBARU authorized service network, which should be available on the vehicle at all times and, if necessary, you should have given it to an Authorized Service Dealer.You should check to see if the Service Checklist has been registered with a regular service inspection that was carried out on your SUBARU vehicle and should be in accordance with the instructions given here.This records are essential to guarantee has not lost its validity.
In addition, when taking a new SUBARU vehicle, make sure that the Vehicle Identification Form is located in this book. In the event of a vehicle sale, we ask that you hand over this Service and Warranty Booklet and User Manual to the new owner to recognize the remaining warranty.

1. Scope
The SUBARU importer ensures that your new SUBARU vehicle is free of material or workmanship under the following conditions. Authorized service will make the necessary repairs by using new or modified parts to correct any defects covered by this warranty.

2. Scope of the warranty
time limitations of the warranty and mileage limitations:
Type of guarantee Warranty limitations Additional information

A: General
The manufacturer warrants the vehicle to be free of defects for at least three (3) years (ie, 2 years of statutory warranty + 1 year of extended warranty) from the date of registration of the new vehicle or 100,000km, whichever comes first.

Important Note: To avoid any doubt, the above terms or any other conditions set forth in this booklet do not limit the customer's statutory rights in respect of defects that exist at the time of delivery to the customer (ie they do not restrict the customer's right to request from the seller the remedy of errors existing at the time delivery of the goods provided that the error occurs within two (2) years (or later, if national consumer legislation provides for it) after the product has been delivered to the customer). The following warranty terms apply to the following parts:

1) The battery is covered by warranty within two (2) years after sale.
2) The tire warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
3) The audio / radio warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the device.
See paragraph 5.

B: Prewash *
Twelve (12) years from the date of registration of a new vehicle, regardless of mileage.
See an important note in paragraph 2.A above.
The warranty covers the outer metal parts of the body except:

1) parts that are not covered by the warranty - are listed in paragraph 3.
See an important note in paragraph 2.A above.
Type of guarantee Warranty limitations Additional information

C: Part rust with varnished surface **
Three (3) years from the date of registration of a new vehicle, regardless of mileage.
See an important note in paragraph 2.A above. The warranty covers the outer metal parts of the body except:

1) rust on the surface of the undercarriage.
2) parts that are not covered by the warranty - are listed in paragraph 3.
3) rust on the exhaust and parts of the fuel system.
See an important note in paragraph 2.A above.

D: Cover of original parts / accessories
Two (2) years from:

1) date of installation.
(2) the date of retailing of a SUBARU vehicle that has been fitted with a part or accessory.
See an important note in paragraph 2.A above.

Original parts or accessories of SUBARU except:

1) parts that are not covered by the warranty - are listed in paragraph 3.
See an important note in paragraph 2.A above.
* The hole in the bodywork parts caused by sintering inside out.
** Rust on the outer surface.

The warranty on the new vehicle ends after the expiry of the agreed warranty period, even if the original spare SUBARU spare part has been installed in the warranty work, which has been redundant. Subsequently, only this legal warranty applies to this spare part.

3. Terms of Warranty Termination

3. Terms of Warranty Termination

Read the following section carefully. Neither the SUBARU manufacturer nor its distributors, dealers and authorized service providers will be bound by any of the terms of this warranty in the following cases:

(1) damages caused by non-compliance with the required periodic inspections and necessary servicing performed in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 of this warranty book;
(2) damage caused by improper or improper maintenance performed by a service that is not an authorized brand service;
(3) damage caused by unauthorized modifications of the vehicle, fitting additional lights, changing engine technical parameters to increase performance or use of unapproved tires (eg defect caused by mounting of non-approved wheels and tires, not covered by the warranty);
(4) damage caused by the use of non-original parts / liquids (oil, coolant, gas) recommended or approved by the SUBARU manufacturer;
(5) damage caused by the use of a vehicle for such purposes or in a manner not specified in the Operations Manual, overshooting of specified data such as the weight of the load, limitation of the number of persons, speed and speed;
(6) damage caused by driving under difficult conditions such as, for example, races or rely;
(7) damage caused by natural disasters, such as earthquake, storm, flood, fire and accidents;
(8) damage caused by smoke, chemicals, bird distemper, salt, discolored stones, scratches, metallic dust and any external circumstances;
(9) damage caused by normal wear (brake pads, etc.) or exposure to effects which will result in a change in color or deformation of any interior, plastic, chrome or lacquered part or surface;
(10) Senseful complaints by the owner over signs such as noise, vibration or oil stains that do not affect performance and safety if such complaints do not cause a fault in the vehicle or part that existed at the time the product was delivered to the customer;
(11) Damage that may have been observed during normal use but has been severely dealt with for neglect;
(12) Damage caused by non-compliance with the requirements set out in paragraph 4 of this warranty book;
(13) damage to the fuel system by water or other foreign matter in the fuel system;
(14) damage caused by the fitting of accessories or equipment after the purchase of a vehicle, a radio set, a vehicle phone set, a transmitter or a cargo carrier;
(15) use of consumable parts (parts that are labeled as such which require regular replacement) and oil / lubricants and other liquids; (For the list of common wear parts, oil / lubricants and other liquids, see the following tables.)
(16) modification, cleaning, inspection or required regular maintenance;
(17) damage caused by a warranty repair, which has not been performed by an authorized service;
(18) warranty service not performed by a SUBARU Authorized Service;
(19) expenses or charges for telephone, extraction, rental of the vehicle and so on; compensation for difficulties or business losses; any other subsequent costs related to the fact that the owner could not use the vehicle.

Parts of normal wear:

spark plugs
wedge / timing belt
safety belts
air filter
fuel filter
oil filter
clutch disc, clutch parts
shock absorbers
carbon holders (for ECVT)
brake lining
brake discs
brake drums
wiper blades
light bulbs
engine carbons
fuses and the like.
Oil / lubricants and other liquids:

motor oil
gear oil
automatic gearbox oil
Brake fluid
washer fluid
battery electrolyte
air conditioning refrigerant
other lubricants and the like.
If it is found to have been handled with a mileage or warranty service book, no warranty service can be made.
NOTE: In the case of a tachometer replacement, an authorized service station is required to enter a tachometer replacement record in this book. The total mileage is determined by counting the mileage data from the tachometer exchange and current mileage data.

4. Obligations of the owner

4. Obligations of the owner

This warranty will only apply to:

(1) If you use the vehicle according to the instructions in the operating manual,
(2) if you follow the vehicle inspection intervals according to the service schedule (see operator manual). The cost of these regular service inspections is borne by the owner. Failure to observe these time limitations of the tours will invalidate the SUBARU manufacturer's warranty. The owner can freely choose any service to perform these required regular service inspections. However, SUBARU does not have any contractual relationship with other services except authorized service personnel and therefore can not guarantee the quality of the work performed outside of this service network. If you use non-authorized service for regular servicing under the required service inspection, you must ensure that the service performs all the operations prescribed by the manufacturer. You must retain the relevant documentation that will prove the correct and complete execution of the service (invoice or official receipt block and / or a detailed statement on the letterhead with the date and signature of the service). The SUBARU manufacturer's warranty will become void if the owner is unable to provide a checklist that will be signed and initialed in accordance with the above requirement at the time of the requested warranty.
(3) Keep the warranty and service book and all receipts in a safe place. In the case of regular service visits and required warranty work, you will be able to submit them to the service department.

5. Parts covered by other terms of the guarantee

(1) Battery: It can be expected that the battery will operate correctly for at least 2 years from the date of registration of the new vehicle, regardless of the mileage.
(2) Tires: The tire warranty is provided by the manufacturer. For details, contact your SUBARU dealer.
(3) Audio / Radio: The audio / radio warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Details will be provided to your SUBARU dealer.

6. Validity of the guarantee

The warranty will become valid as soon as the vendor has filled out the necessary information about your vehicle and the warranty and service booklet and confirms it with the seller's official stamp and signature.

7. Requirements for performance of warranty work

The warranty work is conditional upon the submission of the warranty and service book to an authorized service center. If you lose or fail to complete the warranty and service book, the service refuses to perform the work under the terms of the standard warranty.

8. Change of ownership

If you sell the vehicle during the warranty period, give the warranty and service book to the new owner. The new owner will need to fill in the address change card or the follower owner notice at the end of this book. The warranty coverage will only be passed on to the new owner once this condition is met.

9. Warranty coverage during a stay in a country where there is no authorized service

(1) If your vehicle requires service repair if you are in a country where there is no authorized brand service, we recommend that you visit a service with the same standard * in that country. If your service repair is covered by a standard warranty, return your account to your local reseller after your return. In addition, you should, as far as possible, hand over the replaced parts to the local retailer after return.
(2) In addition, please note that the invoice for the repair must include the identification number of your vehicle, as well as a description of the work performed. Refunds will depend on the approval of the SUBARU importer via a local SUBARU authorized partner.

10. Expenses related to warranty work

The service and repair costs of your SUBARU will be covered by the SUBARU standard warranty in accordance with the terms of the GUARANTEE AND SERVICE BOOK. Other costs that are not covered by the standard SUBARU warranty must be borne by the owner.
*) Service with the same standard is also a device that according to the SUBARU manufacturer meets the same high standards as SUBARU authorized partners. These high standards include equipment, staff, expertise, use of high quality spare parts, and so on.

Vehicle maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer

The owner of the vehicle is required to undergo the prescribed vehicle maintenance every 15,000km or after one (1) year from the first registration of the vehicle. from the last maintenance performed, whichever comes first. Performing the prescribed vehicle maintenance at a specified time or mileage is a condition of the warranty and must be recorded in the warranty and service booklet.

Common maintenance and inspection under the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle

Check regularly before driving, at least 1 x per week

Adjust the variation to the value in the operating instructions.

  • Engine oil level
  • Condition of the brake and clutch fluid levels
  • Coolant fluid level and washer fluid level
  • Tire pressure condition

Air condition:

Turn the air conditioner on at least 1 x per week for about 10 minutes.


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